Cold Roll Forming Machine

The computer precisely design various kind of "Steel Rollers", which the roll continuously and gradually shape the needed processed products. This design then integrates with various electronic devices like "PLC", "MMI", "Hydraulic Cutter" to finish this automatic equipment.

Primary Competitive Advantages

  • Founded more than three decades ago, Yunsing Industrial Co., Ltd. is profoundly experienced in resolving client's technical problems of all kinds. With products also sold around the globe, the company has earned a good reputation and gained the client's trust.


From the beginning of product design, to parts manufacturing, installation, testing and calibration, every step is full-time monitored and quality assured by the company's own staff.

Standards & Approvals


R & D

Preliminary designs are made to meet the client's desire, and sent to all departments for feasibility assessment before the final production and testing process.
Location: Taiwan

R.D. Equipment

  • Computer design